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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Syrians worried over Lebanon's new visa rules

A mixture of confusion and worry have stricken the Syrian population presently in Lebanon when a recent announcement created by General Security over new visa measures.

Huddled beneath the gushing rain in a very summation neighborhood in national capital, variety of Syrians who are living in Lebanon for many years unbroken repetition an equivalent question, "What will this mean for us?"

The move by the Lebanese government is unexampled. As of Monday, Syrians coming into Lebanon should offer documentation distinguishing their reason for being within the country, highlight stricter entry procedures for those who, since Lebanon gained its independence in 1943, had been able to move freely across the border.

Categories of visas Syrians will apply for embrace touristy, business, medical treatment and work. Candidates who own property in Lebanon will be granted visas.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Muslim News Awards for Excellence 2014

The Muslim News, the biggest freelance Muslim newspaper in Britain, is proud to launch its twelfth awards for Excellence event to recognize accomplishment and promote excellence among the United Kingdom Muslim community.
Muslims in Britain area unit a motivating cluster of individuals. We tend to represent several – if not most – of the worlds cultures. Nevertheless we tend to are united by common values, a shared history and therefore the gift of an expensive and vibrant heritage. This heritage has been evolving and is developing into a clearly British Islam.

When the primary issue of The Muslim News rolled off the presses, one among our main aims was to strengthen communication among ourselves, and with the broader world. we tend to needed to produce a vehicle through that Britain's Muslims may share their experiences, and convey the thrill, challenges, and disappointments that return as a replacement community carves out its place in society.

It has been twenty four years since then. And there's abundant to report. If I were asked to choose out the 2 most positive developments from the past decade, they'd be: a heightened awareness of a faith-based identity and therefore the emergence of role models.
The Awards for Excellence are designed to celebrate each of those achievements, however additionally to require them additional. Except for this to happen, we want your facilitate.
This year, our freelance panel of judges selected fifteen men and ladies UN agency is going to be tomorrows role models. These unsung heroes and heroines emerged from nominations sent by you, our readers.
Once again, we'd such as you to nominate a private, a project or AN initiative that you just suppose deserves recognition and might function AN example to USA all. Please complete this manner, and forward your nominations to USA.
This years awards were an enormous success. The nominations received were of the very best quality. And therefore the event is firmly established on the national lunar calendar. I'm certain that next years awards are going to be no less successful.
I anticipate to a different year during which Britain's Muslim community goes from strength to strength.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bra and Panty for women

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